Cosmetic & Family Dentist

Esquire Family Dental Care is the cosmetic & family dentist clinic of choice for residents of Baltimore, MD and other cities in the region including Columbia and Pikesville. I endeavor to provide holistic dental care for families at reasonable prices. At the heart of my practice is the philosophy that it is possible to provide you with the best dental care at reasonable prices. To put this philosophy into practice, I have in place an interesting policy that factors in the needs of my clients. I file all the insurance arrangements for my patients free of charge. In practice, many insurance companies that offer cover for dental operations clear the claims within 60 days. By doing the insurance paperwork for you free of charge, this clinic helps to reduce the overall costs that you may incur when you come here for normal or specialized dental procedures.
Apart from the insurance policy, Esquire Family Dental Care has a useful finance policy. If you visit the clinic for any dental service, you will notice that the staff members will provide you with all the financial information that relates to your procedure long before you undergo the procedure. The benefit of getting the financial information of the procedure that you intend to undertake early is that you can easily make up your mind on the amount of money you would like to spend.
Esquire Family Care has successfully balanced between the competing needs of providing affordable and quality dental care on the one hand and remaining sustainable on the other. The clinic now stands out as one that is dedicated to offering holistic dental care to families. If you are looking for a cosmetic & family dentist in Baltimore or other towns like Columbia and Woodstock, contact me today.
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